Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I tried to be good .....

Well I did, perhaps not very hard, but I tried!! Actually, truth be told the "trying" lasted only a few short minutes. Once I got through the doors at the Stitches and Craft show all my best intentions disappeared - thank goodness - if they hadn't I might not have come home with anywhere near as many fabulous goodies!!!

Firstly here's the patterns ... I can never resist an Ella and Skysie stitchery and this one was HOT off the press, it came complete with little kitty buttons!! There's 'Mrs Perkins' from Melly and Me too (I'm ready when you are Lurline :o)!!!). The two in the middle are from Funky Friends Factory - they were simply too irresistable!!
Don't you just love these little Matroyshka prints ... I have no idea what I'm going to make from them but I just HAD to have them ... also bought some self cover buttons and a new pigma pen.
I've been seeing so many clever knitters on the blogs that I decided I'd have a go and see if I'm not as completely hopeless as I think!!! I got me a pattern, a long twirly needle thingy and some yarn. Look Maria ... I'm going to knit some socks!!!!! The way I knit they could end up as anything LOL!!
Of course, I couldn't possibly leave the show without some fabric. I found these absolutely delicious linens ...... aren't they simply wonderful??!!? ...and these - these are my favourites!! I think I can see a bag emerging from this little lot ...The top two and the blue spotty one are all linens too. Those 50's style prints are just fabulous.

I've left these pics til last. I really enjoyed seeing all of these items. I've read so much about them over the months and to finally get to see them was a real treat. Most of you would recognise them straight away ....... these are the incredible selvedge projects from Jodie at Ric Rac. And let me tell you, they are even more impressive "in the flesh"!!
I also popped over to the Giggle Buttons stand to meet the gorgeous Sonya. It was so lovely to meet her, and I can't imagine why I didn't think to have our photo taken for my blog - my camera was in my bag ... I'm such a goose LOL!! Nevermind Sonya, I'll catch up with you at the October show and I'll make sure I do then!!!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Should I knock on wood???

Well I whinged about my "Murphy" day ... then everything seemed to go so right. Now I'm not sure whether I should just be happy that things are still going remarkably well ... or... and here's the cynical side of me showing through ...... should I be preparing myself to come back down to earth with an almight BUMP he he he????

Nope ... I'm going to enjoy it all while the going's good :o) - But I'm knocking on a LOT of wood LOL.

I couldn't believe my luck when I won one of Kris's gorgeous patterns in her latest giveaway of Wonderful Weekend Kits!!! And the one I received couldn't be more perfect for me ......... Lavender Tea - isn't it just so pretty!!?! Oh how I love lavender ....And isn't it just like Kris to add a little extra something ... not just the pattern but a cute little bookmark and a gift card too!! Thanks so much Kris, I love it :o)!!!!

Also in the mail last week were my Aviary fabrics that I was waiting on so that I can make another "Diamonds and Braids" sample. I already had the jelly roll but was waiting on the charm squares and yardage. Aren't they delicious!!!!!?? The original is done in warm country colours and this one I think will have a completely different look. Here it is so far ... I think it reminds me of raspberries and cream!!!

Another example of things going so well ... my points came out 'pointy', and ....... (you're not going to believe this ...) my bobbin thread ran out at the END of the seam!!!

!!!Yes it did!!!

I know, I just couldn't believe it either, there was even a little tail!!! Now there just had to be a stitching Angel watching over me that day :o)!!!
Here's another little project I made last week .... I've been SUCH a busy stitcher LOL. It's a little zippy pouch and I used a stitchery I got from the lovely Cath at Willow Valley Store, thanks Cath :o). She's having a giveaway at the moment too so check out her blog!!
My Hexy tabletopper is all basted and ready to be hand quilted ... this is my practice piece to teach myself how to do it, before I tackle the big Queen size one (that's not even finished yet LOL).
I've been doing a bit in the evenings and I've done a lot of unpicking while trying out different needles and thimbles etc. I've tried it with and without a hoop and although on this small item I'm finding it easier to do without the hoop - I can't imagine it would be too easy to do that way on a larger quilt. I might have to invest in a hoop that stands on the floor. We'll see.
It's Anzac day today, a day of remembrance for us all. Please check out Julie's blog for a really lovely poem - it's sure to touch your heart and bring a tear to your eye.
Lest we forget.

Monday, April 20, 2009

What a lovely surprise!!!

Okay ... after I had that "Murphy" [["anything that can go wrong ... will!!"]] type day last week things have definitely been looking so much better!!! Look what came in the mail for me ....
I couldn't believe my eyes when I opened up this pretty parcel!!! All of these wonderful goodies came from Clare's Craftroom ... I won a giveaway on her blog and the prize was her "Flutterby" pattern, but she also sent all of these fabulous treats too!!! So very generous and kind...... thanks so much Clare!!! I've also been very busy stitching this week ... it's been a most productive few days I'm pleased to say :o). These are a surprise for a friend ... I hope she likes them :o) ... and I finished my "Slice and Dice" quilt in the bright and beautiful Oh Cherry Oh fabrics (pattern available here) ... just working with those fabulous colours put a smile on my face ... aren't they just so happy!!! This is the front, it's quilt-as-you-go, very fat quarter friendly ..... and ........ It's reversible too!!!! This is the back :o). He he he ... two quilts in one!!!!
I'm off to stitch some more, I working with some Moda 'Portobello Markets' fabrics at the moment, totally different to the Oh Cherry Ohs but still absolutely gorgeous :o)!!!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Perfect Timing!

We've all had them I'm sure ... and yesterday I was having...
"one of THOSE days"!!!
I spent most of the day in the car running around trying to orgainse everything that needed to be done regarding the sale of our (other) car. Of course, "Murphy's Law" prevailed, nothing was going as it should. Not to mention all the other little bits and pieces that had to be done ...... i.e delivery of DD2 and friends (it's school holidays at the moment), last minute groceries, post office (queue too long - bumped onto tomorrow's list), pattern deliveries (ok, that part was fun), driving DD2's friends home after whatever it was they were doing etc. etc. ......... Im sure you get the picture.
BUT, when I got home look what I found.....Ok, it wasn't unwrapped like this when I got in ... but I was just so excited that I rippped it out of the Air Mail envelope before I remembered I should be taking piccies for my blog!!!
Don't forget, I was having one of THOSE days ... ;o).
Look though ... all wrapped up in such pretty ribbon with a cute Easter card. It's from my friend Maria in England!!! Maria and I "met" when we were matched up in the Stitcher's Angel swap last year. Can you believe all these gorgeous goodies that she sent to me!!?!? There are gorgeous ribbons and the sweetest little notebook (that's in my handbag already!!). There's 3 different yummy fabrics, a beautiful yellow/pink/white stripey one and a most fabulous 'Bistro' one - being an absolute coffee fiend that one couldn't fail to please :o).Isn't it gorgeous!!!??!! And there's also 1/2 a metre of this beautiful yellow floral print that I was delighted to find was an absolutely perfect match with the ME jelly roll I bought last week. Now how could Maria have known that he he he???I'm sending a HUGE big thank you and lots of quilty hugs to Maria not only for her thoughtfulness in sending such lovely gifties ... but also for her perfect timing!!!
Thanks so much Maria :o)!!!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

3 part post - It's a big one :o)!!!

Part 1 - Thanks Mr Easter [Hus...]bunny :o)
So glad the Easter Bunny came today ... Jess and I had a blast tearing around and finding all the yummy chocolate eggs early this morning :o). Now, since we're both (probably??) a little old for the Easter Bunny to call at our house, my DH is "Easter [Hus...]bunny" in the JoyPatch, a job I think he quite enjoys ....besides, the perks are pretty good too!!The scales are going to be groaning under the extra choccy weight we'll all be carrying after the Easter weekend LOL!!

Part 2 - More Yumminess, but this time it's fabric!!!
I can't wait to play with this .... it's my new Jelly Roll .... "Aviary" by Moda - It's the prettiest line I've seen in a long time. I simply LOVE it!! Isn't it just absolutely gorgeous!!??! I just love the pinky creamy pastel shades ... sooooo girly ;o). I've got some yardage and some charm squares on the way and when they arrive I shall be turning them into a quilt!!! :o)
Part 3 (final part) My Sewing Room
I was over reading Karen's blog at Cotton Spice and she's shown us her sewing room, along with a bunch of other designers studios and she's asked to see ours in return ... so here's mine!!! The description is above each pic..... Firstly here's "Bertha" ... my faithful Janome 6500, love her to bits ... she sits on the Horn cabinet that my Dad gave me years ago. Beside that is a little cupboard made by my dear Dad originally for my DD1's Barbie collection. Well, she's long grown out of that so now it's where I keep my pellon, buttons, coloured threads, calico and many, many other bits and pieces. You can't see it very well, but on top of the little cupboard is a chest of drawers made out of the drawers from a Singer Treadle sewing machine cabinet.
This one is my cutting table, which also has my ironing board and the shelves above house the computer and loads of other things that I have to have within reach when I'm "working". Under the table I have two sets of drawers for fat quarters and scraps.
Here's part of my stash .... it lives in the bottom of the bookcase so that I can browse whenever I feel the need ;o). Above the fabrics are a load of patchwork books and magazines ... I must go through them one day ;o).........
Here's inside my cupboard ... with more books ...and my precut fabrics ... Parts of where I "work" are organised chaos, I know :o). But I love my little sewing room, it's my sanctuary :o).
Well hopefully you managed to get through to the end of this post so I'll now wish all of my bloggy friends a very happy Easter ..........

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

A great week so far!!!

It really has been a good week so far ... And it's only Tuesday :o)!

Yesterday I went off to my quilting group and we did a workshop on free motion quilting. I've had a go at this once or twice and I've quilted a couple of items this way, but I have to admit ... never very confidently. Well, we had the best fun!! I've come away from that class feeling so much better about giving it another go!! Here's part of my practice piece ... I really enjoyed doing the leafy design ... some of the rest of the piece looks a bit like a dog's dinner so this is the only part I'm sharing LOL.

When I got home from quilting there was a parcel on the doorstep!!all the way from USA!!! Look what I got .....
I won a giveaway recently from Jennifer at Sweet Liberty, the prize was a bundle of 'manly flannels'. Well I have to say I never expected so much!!These are all fat 1/4s .....
and these are dozens of 5" squares already cut and ready to use!! And they're all sitting on 2 1/2 yards of gorgeous log cabins on cream.That's not all ..... there was also a yummy Dove chocolate and an American Patchwork and Quilting magazine!!!It wasn't long before this was the scene on my table :o) .... note the empty choccy wrapper hehehe.
Thank you so much Jennifer, you're very kind ... your generosity just blew me away - you made my day :o).

I also managed to get some stitching done today (another good day!!!). I've been putting together my Oh Cherry Ohs - they're such cheery fabrics!!
I'd like this quilt to be another OPAM finish for April ;o)
...... lol we'll see!!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Doing the Happy Dance!!!!

C'mon Kris .... join me, you know you know how it's done he he he ... shuffle, shuffle, clap, clap ..... sliiiiide .... shimmy shimmy .... oh yeah!!! That's me dancing cos I'm celebrating - I've finally finished Ross and Alicia's quilt!!!! Yay!!!! I can't wait to give it to them!!!
I'm so pleased with it, the colours are so fresh and the butterflies (on the 'diamond' strips - you can't see them too well on this piccy, they're clearer here) are just right for Alicia, she LOVES butterflies :o). It's made from one of my JoyPatch patterns called "Diamonds and Braids" but I added a border to make it bigger.
I'm also chuffed to bits with how the label turned out. I was going to piece a label from some of the leftover fabrics but then I had a bright idea. So I bolted down to my Local Quilt Store to see Margaret and the girls there and I bought a pack of printable fabric. DD gave me a hand with finding a site to edit my piccies (here) it was an easy site to navigate, so I played until I came up with this!!! I really like it :o). The pic isn't quite as clear as real life - it's Ross placing the ring on Alicia's finger - but I think you get the idea.
So, since I've finished that now, I'm free to make other things. So, I started stitching these gorgeous fabrics .......These are my "Oh Cherry Oh's - I've been dying to get my hands on these little darlings ... don't they all go together so beautifully!!??! I ran out of thread part way through though so I've had to put them aside, but I'll be off to get more thread tomorrow so that I can make some more progress :o).
Going to do the ironing now ....