Friday, April 29, 2011

Where did April go???

Is it me or does this year seem to be flying!!??? Goodness it’s almost May – the 5th month – I’m just not keeping up lol.
Maybe it’s because I’ve been doing so much lately I haven’t noticed the days disappearing before my very eyes he he.
I took my gawjus Mum and her friend Jill (who’s over for a year from the UK) up to Mt Tamborine – we were blessed with perfect weather that day :o)!!!! We found some fabulous little shops including this Fairy Shop – don’t you love the mushroom critters??!!
And this one had treasures inside and out ….
We also visited the local distillery – they have some delish liqueres, schnapps and vodka here – I must say, we have visited this place more than once he he.
I’ve also been doing some stitching … Bear (DD2) needed a little mat for under her laptop on her desk so I made this for her from a panel I was given for Christmas … isn’t it c-hoot (okay sorry – that was a shocker lol)!!!
and here’s a sneaky peek at something else I’ve made – mmm roses and lace and a pretty bow – love it :o)!!April 2011 142More of this one later though – I still need to write up the pattern (not my favourite part he he)!!
Here’s something that made me smile this week – Sharon W made this quilt from my “Dragonflight” quilt-as-you-go pattern recently and she very kindly sent me a pic of her beautiful quilt….Quilting 2010 001 Oh I just love it in pink – thanks so much Sharon for sharing, I really enjoy seeing what people make from my patterns :o)!!
Well I’m off to get some hand-stitching ready to do while I’m watching the Royal Wedding ……….. have a fabulous weekend!!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Not great for the waistline …..

But the taste-buds are loving these!!!!April 2011 118We’re off to see family today, Bear couldn’t come so I even put a couple aside for her and her beloved ;o).April 2011 117 Happy Easter everyone …. I hope you have a lovely break and please take extra care if you're driving anywhere :o)!!!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A little bit of retail therapy.

It’s going to be a bit hard getting used to the end of the Among the Gumtrees group … and as such, I thought perhaps a little bit of retail therapy was in order – and where better to visit than my local quilt store :o)???
They always have something to please me :o).
They didn’t let me down … look what they were unpacking as I walked in the door …… oh my goodness, my timing was perfick!!!April 2011 100I made all the right “oh no I shouldn’t'” noises, but as you can see, resistance was futile, and this gawjus sewing box came home with me ;o). Oh it’s a super size, just right for my pretty Sue Daley blocks and all the bits and bobs that go with it … April 2011 102 It even has little pockets to pop my handy dandy needle threader and needle case in … April 2011 104But that’s not all I bought!! I thought since Rosie has been working so hard lately that she deserved a bit of bling too … and have a look at how these GAWJUS new PINK bobbins were displayed – complete with Easter yummies … April 2011 099There was no way some of these weren’t coming home with me lol. So I bought some for my Rosie in a little box all of their own … April 2011 106
Thank you so much for all of the lovely comments left on the GumTrees blog, we all really appreciate them :o). I'm sure we're going to miss bringing you the Gumtrees goodies, but we're all still here, just in our own 'houses' now and not in two any more. It was a fabulous time and I'll always be glad I was a part of it all, I've made some wonderful lifelong friends and had a blast. And don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten my other block in the “Things We Love” BOM, I’ll be bringing you my last stitchery design for it very soon so keep an eye out for that :o). Thanks to all of you for joining us all on the ride :o)!!!!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Here’s what I’ve been up to …

I told you I’d been a busy beaver … here’s another project all finished up and already in it’s new home at the Quilters Shack in Bundaberg as a store sample. April 2011 036It’s another Honeybun Fun set!! I love making these, I think this is the 4th set I’ve made lol. It’s full of little surprises too … April 2011 037 A zippered pouch, pincushion, scissor fob and cute needle  wallet – here’s the inside of the needle-wallet… April 2011 043 and the inside of the little tote … April 2011 045 you can fit loads of goodies in there :o). Woohoo, an April finish for me :o)!!!

I’ve also been relaxing in the evenings with my “It Takes Two” quilt (by Sue Daley). It’s coming along very nicely … April 2011 089 this one is all done by hand so I can watch tv while I’m doing it :o). Here’s one of the finished blocks…April 2011 090 I’m using an “Antique Roses” jelly roll, aren’t the fabrics gawjus!!?? And the embroidery is done with Cottage Garden threads - I really love their colours and the way this one goes from burgundy to green – soooo pretty :o).

And the icing on the cake for me was a package in the mail last week!!! I ordered some pretties from Pickledish Patch and I’m so happy with them all … April 2011 049 I can’t wait to play with the hand-dyed wool felt, aren’t those colours delish :o)!!! Oh, and I just had to buy me a needle case to go with my quick unpick LOL. Thanks so much Vicki :o)!!!

Have a fabulous weekend everyone!!!!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A special day for us :o)

I was going to show you what I’ve been up to for the past week or so … but thought I might share what I did yesterday with you all instead.

I belong to a quilting group – Star Sea Quilters – a great bunch of really wonderful ladies. Each year we have a chosen charity, and for 2011 it was Sinnamon Park Enhanced Care Respite centre. This is a place where disabled youngsters can go for a few days or so, so that their parents can ‘recharge their batteries’ so to speak. After meeting the staff and a couple of the guests it was plain to see that there’s a lot of love and deep friendship there, and we were so chuffed to be able to present quilts to the 11 young people who spend some time there. One of our members, Marilyn, embroidered their names on their particular quilts for them too :o). April 2011 051This was especially dear to our hearts as our President Karen’s son Sam was one of the recipients of the quilts :o).

Here’s the quilt that my friends Valerie and Lynn and I made for Helena … March 11 008It was a very special day for us :o).

Saturday, April 9, 2011

My ABC of me!!!

Well I know I just did a post this morning, but a couple of my blogging buddies have done this and I found it really interesting ……. so here’s mine!!

Age: 50 Bed Size: Queen with pillow top mattress Chore You Hate: Housework Dogs: Border Collie - “Bundy” Essential Start of Your Day: Kissing my hubby Favorite Color: Pink Gold or Silver: Both – just love bling Height: 5’1” (on a good day – otherwise 5’) Instruments You Play: Janome Job Title: Mum, Wife and Quilt & Patchwork designer, Kids: 3 Bless ‘em all Live: Queensland Australia Mom's Name: Margaret Nicknames: Ethel, (Roonies or Dor – but they’re old ones) Overnight Hospital Stays: Baby deliveries, Hernia repair, Breast lump removal Pet Peeve: Bad manners, people who talk over you when you’re trying to tell them something, people out shopping with bare feet, and condescending people. Quote From a Movie: “…… after all, tomorrow is another day.” (Gone with the Wind) Right- or Left-Handed: Right Siblings: 1 older brother Time You Wake Up: Usually around 6am -ish. Underwear: Absolutely!!!! Veggie You Dislike: Carrots What Makes You Run Late: Me – can’t help it. X-Rays You Have Had: Dental, Ultra Sounds. Yummy Food You Make: I make a pretty mean scone, and my lasagna is good too :o). Zoo Animal You Like Best: Giraffes …. but I’d rather see them in the wild.

So there’s a bit about me. Jeanette, Jenny and Teresa have played along, why don’t you do it too!! Just pop on over to Tiff’s blog and let her know cos she’s the one who started all the fun :o).

Bloggers are wonderful!!!

There’s no way that we Nutters could have ever imagined how generous our lovely blogging friends would be. When Jenny suggested that we try and do something to alleviate a little of the heartache caused by Queensland’s harsh weather earlier this year we all thought it was a fabulous idea to be able to help our fellow stitchers in some small way. And so New Beginnings was born. We have been absolutely inundated with sewing kits and all sorts of fabulous notions, all stitched and given with loving hands and hearts. Here’s part of what we received ……April 2011 003Inside these boxes are around 400 New Beginnings sewing kits – all given by YOU!!! The smaller box in the front is full of fabric, and this great big box…April 2011 001 is full of patterns and kits and notions and all sorts of wonderful pre-cuts … also donated by our kind blogging friends. And this is just what came to my home in Brisbane – Jen had much the same arriving at her house!!
THANK YOU just doesn’t seem enough – your kindness and generosity will bless a lot of quilters who have seen some hard times lately. May God Bless you all :o)!!!!
These boxes will all be off to Kim Boland, the President of Queensland Quilters in the next week or so so that they can be distributed :o).
I’ll be back soon to show you what else I’ve been up to :o)!!