Friday, October 31, 2008

Trick or Treat!!!


Did I scare you??????????????? LOL

He he ......... I know, that was just silly LOL

But I'm ready for them ... there will be no "tricks" for this little black duck!!! Only treats and smiling little cherubs as they hold their bags out for their little gifties :o). Of course, because I am prepared I can see it now, my lot are going to be scoffing choccies for ages cos the 'trick or treaters' won't come!!! Not me though, I'm going to be good - even during this choccy/lolly driven occasion - NO yummy sweet stuff will pass these lips! Gotta lose just a couple of kg before DS's wedding :o). (Oh give me strength!!!!!).

Onto the subject of stitcheries ... yahoo!!! 5 done and none to do!!! Woo hoo ... aren't they cute!??!
Next step is to make 134- 3/4" hexagons!!! 22 down, 112 to go LOL!!!! I'll be working on these for a while yet!!For the regular readers of my blog, you'll know that I have quite a penchant for hexagons ... I love to hand-sew and I'm really enjoying this project. I'll keep you posted :o).

My roses are looking better everyday!!! Princess de Monaco (my favourite) ...Peace...... and Double Delight - fabulous fragrance.

Have a great Halloween .... hope you don't get 'egged' ..... hehehehe


Joy :o)

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Another Giveaway!!

Quick ... go here - Sue Daley is having another giveaway!! Her last one has finished already so be quick to enter if you want to win one of Sue's gorgeous patterns :o).

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Ooooh, pop on over to Sue Daley's Blog!!! She's having a gorgeous pattern giveaway.
Joy :o)

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Hap-pee Birth-day to meeeeeee!!! :o)

Saturday was pretty quiet, DD2 and DH were both at work which left me able to sew for most of the day. I got the first 2 parts of the pattern I'm working on made and I'm very pleased with both. I even got the pattern written up for the first part - woohoo!!! I'm not telling what it is yet ... but here's a little glimpse ;o) ...... this is Sophie, my proof-reader making sure all is well as I write up the pattern ;o). Had a lovely Sunday ... went to visit MIL and FIL as it was MIL's birthday too - she loved her birdy welcome sign!!! Went out for dinner last night with the fam for my birthday which was great cos with all of our busy lives we don't get together nearly often enough ... and when we do it's always great fun!! Got some lovely cards and pressies and was very spoilt :o). Unfortunately the sparklers on my cake had gone out by the time this piccy was taken. From left that's my future DIL, DH, DS, me, Jill fromUK, my lovely Mum, DD2, my brother and his wife and my nephew. My other nephew had to work. And .... lucky me, because my actual birthday is today I get to go out for dinner again tonight .... so that's no cooking dinner for 2 nights in a row!!! I could certainly get to like this :o) LOL. DH woke me this morning with another fabulous surprise ... I'm going to be climbing the Story Bridge next Sunday!!!!! I will post a piccy of that next week so you can see how scared I am LOL!!! I'm shocking with heights and I have no doubt it will be a real 'white knuckle' moment for me ... but this is something I soooo want to do!!!

Had a great day today at my quilting group ... what a lovely way to spend a birthday ... stitching with friends :o). Only trouble was, when I set up my sewing machine I noticed it had no foot!!! I was footless!!! Spent most of the morning chatting and drinking coffee :o)!!! So I did all the cutting out there but had to come home and stitch it up. It still needs batting and backing etc ... this is just the top....Isn't it a cool pattern!!?! It's called "Twister" and it's by Designs To Share With You. I can see me doing some more of these!!

That's all from me for now ... off to do more stitching

Joy :o)

P.S - I did find my foot!!! :o)

Friday, October 24, 2008

I went back!!

Well I had such a fabulous time at the Quilt and Craft fair on Wednesday that I went again on Thursday. Of course - because I had spent a whole day there already there was no need to buy anything on my second day was there (??) ......... yeah right!!!
Look what I found ....Just love the cupcake fabrics .... I have no idea what I'll use them for but they were too cute to leave behind - the lady before me bought the last pink ones ... grrr lol. The coffee cup one and the red spot above it will soon become my new mug bag for when I go to my quilting group ('cos everyone knows that I have a coffee addiction LOL!!!) .... the "I love fat quarters" piece will be made into a bag for my friend Jill from UK and the one in the middle and right on top - no idea ... just loved them ;o). I also bought more of these cute pencils ... I know lots of people that would get a kick out of these and they really were irresistable!!!I took my camera this time and got a couple of piccies of the antique quilts on show. This one was estimated to be c1840-1850. It was in fabulous condition. Hand pieced and hand quilted ... just beautiful.So now I'm off to my Friday "craft" group .... oh, I use that term very loosely as there are only a couple of us that actually "craft" there any more. But we've been meeting since our kids were in primary school and we have a great time when we all get together.

Take care ...

Joy :o)

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

2 down 3 to go!!

Just to let you know that I've been busy. I've got 2 of the stitcheries for my Rebel quilt done now. How cute is the 'Rebel' Angel ... don't you love her jeans and boots!!?! Adorable!!I made a mad dash to my local quilt store - Bayside Stitchcraft on Monday afternoon. I got an idea in my head and I just HAD to buy the fabrics then and there!!! Do you ever get like that LOL?? I found exactly what I wanted ... and more!!! Isn't that trim totally irresistable ..... AND it matches the fabrics I bought perfectly - they are 'Charm Bracelet' by Wyndham. The trim doesn't go with the design I have in mind at all but there's bound to be leftovers so I'll use it with those. Gorgeous!!!I got a lovely email from my Stitcher's Angel swap partner in UK. She's received the last of my gifties to her and was very pleased with them :o) (yay). It's been a terrific swap - my first - and I've had such fun doing it. Huge thanks must go to Helen for all her hard work in organising it, and to all the designers - May Britt, Sue Daly, Lynette Anderson, plumcute designs, Cotton Spice and of course Helen too. Thank you all sooo much for giving us all such a fun swap!!!

I went to the Craft and Quilt fair today and I'm going again tomorrow so I can do some workshops and learn some new tricks :o)!!! I met up with another blogger friend in there too that I haven't seen for ages ... hi Jeanette :o), it was great to see her, wish we'd had more time ... so much to do and see there!!! The quilts on show were fantastic too. So much talent - just blows me away. I got lots of goodies. I've fallen in love with Threadworx threads so I bought some more of those ... got some cute buttons, a back issue of "Inspirations" that I've been after for a while .... that was a lucky find!!! Also found a really sweet scissor keep kit - going to do the workshop for that tomorrow cos I've never done beading before - the lady assured me it was easy peasy. I also grabbed some more little scissors cos I'm always losing mine!!!... and isn't this a great idea "Mug 'ems" ... a pressie in a mug!!! You can put the dry ingredients in a mug for any one of a bunch of different yummy recipes, tie it up with a pretty ribbon and there you have a lovely gift!!! ... and the other book, you make up a big batch of master muffin mix and keep it in the pantry so that each time you want to make muffins you have the dry part of the mix already done for you, you just take out what you need and add your flavourings!!! Love it!!

That's it from me for now ... need coffee :o)

take care,

Joy :o)

Monday, October 20, 2008

1 down 4 to go!!

I finished the first of the stitcheries from the "Rebel" pattern I bought at "Totally Patchwork" a few weeks ago, this one is "Harmony", doing "Rebel" at the moment. I'm working with a thread I haven't used before and I love it ... Threadworx - that blue/lilac mix is 1026, it's really nice to work with. Hope all is well in your part of the world.

Joy :o)

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Busy Bees and our day in the Country

I noticed when I said goodbye to DH yesterday morning as he went back to work after 4 lovely weeks holiday [sigh] that there was a strange 'buzz' in the air. Our native lavender bushes were covered in dozens of bees - they had started work much earlier than either of us!!!
This one was a lucky shot ... I didn't realise he was there in the middle until I downloaded the piccies ...... he he ... the flight of the bumble bee!!! And the one below - his little thighs were so laden with pollen I was surprised he could fly at all ... they really are amazing little guys, fascinating to watch.The recent rain has really given the garden a lift, it was looking so dry and tired before. The roses are loving it too!!! DH pruned the ones in the background (on the right) quite harshly recently, I was worried that it was too much, but I should have had more faith in his green thumb because they are all coming back beautifully too. Now if I'd pruned them I reckon it would be a different story ... we'd be pulling out their poor little carcusses and starting over!! No prizes for guessing I'm not very good in the garden.This shot is a little overexposed ... but you get the picture ;o).

DH and I had a lovely day out in Laidley last week, even though it rained it was nice to be out of the rat-race and enjoy a more laid back day in the country. It's gorgeous out there, if it wasn't so far away I reckon I could live there ... but the kids, Mum, family are all nearby to where I live now and I like that :o). We saw this sign on a pub on our way ... I love this gorgeous old pub ... but it was the sign that caught my eye ... "Scrubbers B & S ..." LOL - (that's "bachelors and spinsters") - It was all happening last night so I bet there are some headaches this morning LOL!!!

Bought a few things on our travels - got some pumpkins at a roadside stall for just $1 each, what a bargain!!! Mmmm, pumpkin fruit cake, pumpkin scones, baked pumpkin, mmmmm. A delicious lemon slice at a cake stall at Forest Hill. And we found the perfect birthday pressie for MIL - if she doesn't like it I'll definitely give it a home LOL!!! Isn't he adorable!?!??!And a mirror that I've been after for a while ... needed to find one that matched our tallboy and as luck would have it we did!!! Doesn't it match up well!?!!I'm thinking I'm not going to get an awful lot of stitching done next week as it's the Craft and Quilt Fair and I've bought tickets to go for 2 days!! What fun!!! I like to shop on the one day and then do workshops on the other day. I'm sure I'll manage to squeeze in a few hours here and there at the sewing machine though :o). I might find some fun gifts for my (far away) partner in the Polka Dots and Rick Rack swap!!!!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Quilt Giveaway

Elizabeth at Pigtails and Snails is giving away a quilt!!! How incredibly generous is that!!?! Yep ... not just the pattern but the actual quilt - and it's beautiful!!!! You've only got til Friday night to enter so run on over to her blog, or just click on the piccy on my sidebar and get your entry in quick!!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Another smile :o)

I know I've been a bit quiet in blogland - sorry 'bout that. I've had a worrying couple of days with a sick friend - but now that most of the worrying is behind us I'm back again :o). I did manage to get a bit of stitching in while waiting for news from the hospital ... you guessed it ... ANOTHER zipper-pouch - LOL - I've made 8 so far ........ yep, 8!!!!!! This one isn't for me though ;o). I did this cute Bronwyn Hayes stitchery a little while ago and this seemed just the right project for it.
Again I discovered this afternoon that even when I'm worrying and a little bit down ... there's always something to make me smile ... and this time, while DH and I were taking some time out and doing this ... (he's the speck just left of the middle LOL it took me ages fumbling around trying to get my camera out of my pocket!!)
we came across this little fella.

...isn't he cute!!!??!!

He clearly wasn't bothered by us being close by at all ... so I'd say he was pretty used to humans being around. I must admit though, I didn't like to get too close, I used the zoom on these pics ... but he was still only about 3 or 4m (10 - 12 feet) away. Here I am saying "He" when I haven't a clue whether it was Mr or Mrs (or Miss - or Ms!!!) Koala ... no matter - it was sooo special. It's not often you see these guys in the daytime so we were feeling very priveledged ... AND... as luck would have it ... I had my trusty camera with me!!! I don't usually tote it along when we're bike riding but for some reason today I grabbed it before we left. Hmmm, makes you think ;o).

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Always something to make me smile :o)

Some days things don't seem to go quite as planned. Nothing really bad has happened, I shouldn't be complaining at all, and I'm not really. They were all just niggly little things to put a spanner in the works.

First thing happened early this morning when DD2 was getting ready for school and couldn't find part of her uniform (??). Not a big deal but definitely a nuisance. Problem was solved without too much fuss - good thing I'd already had my first cup of coffee [phew]. Next, as I'm printing up some patterns for orders I got yesterday, I realise that the first run of printing I did for my newest pattern "Ric Rac and Roses" has gone out with a page missing!!! Eeeeek!! I phone shops, email/phone people who've bought/won patterns. All missing pages are now on their way to where they belong [again ... phew] - problem solved. THEN ... this is the 3rd and hopefully the last for the day ;o) ....... we brought home our tiles for the kitchen walls and they were 5cm larger than quoted so they don't fit under the power points and will be a pain in the proverbial to fit!!! So I got on the phone to our friendly tile shop lady and she says she will have the tiler man cut them back for us so they will fit :o). Another problem solved .... just didn't want to deal with all of that in one morning!! Topped up with another coffee :o).

Then ........... my day got brighter. The mailman brought me a present!!! I'm smiling. In fact I'm smiling from ear to ear!!! Look what I got :oD!!!
It's the last package from my Stitcher's Angel!! And it's filled with LOTS of goodies :o).I haven't made one of May's bags but I just love it!! And didn't this one turn out beautifully!! I mentioned last time about my Angel's fabulous stitching ... teeny tiny perfectly even stitches. Very clever lady. But there's more ...
She also sent me a stitchery, a "Troll" pencil - a most adorable pin cushion (don't hink I can put pins in that dear little hedgehog ;o), must watch my aim!!!) .... and lastly ...
... lots of lovely fabrics!!! There are some lables, some wonderful Noah's Ark fabrics for my BOM from here and of course some Angel fabrics. I'm feeling very lucky - I just love all my pressies, and now the waiting is over - I know who my secret Angel is ... thank you so much Laila - you really are an Angel :o).

Take care,

Joy :o)

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Cupcakes and swaps!

My DD2 is having a lot of fun with the new oven. Here's the latest batch of cuppycakes. They are all pink for October - Breast Cancer awareness month. We bought the Green's packet mix from the supermarket because they donate part of the price to Breast Cancer research and we even decorated a couple of them with the bow ... cute huh?? We had the family over on Sunday afternoon to see our new kitchen and the cakes didn't last long ....... very yummy :o).

The decorating is all but done .... the floor didn't get a look in but hey, I'm not that worried - the tiles have been sitting there for 2 years - what's 1 more ;o). DH has worked hard the first half of his hols ... time for a break :o).

Nothing really to report. I've been stitching my cot quilt - nope, that doesn't mean I have fabulous news of a new arrival LOL ... just that I want to make a cot quilt :o) ...... but hey, you never know what the future holds - best to be prepared :oD!!!
I did manage to send off my second stitcher's angel pressie - I hope she likes it!! I'm wondering if she's guessed who I am??? I haven't really given any clues except that I'm from Australia ... and that's on the envelope anyway he he. This is pressie number two ... so if ***** visits my blog she will most certainly know who I am LOL!!!I put in a few little extras ...... an aussie choccy - Caramello Koala ;o) and a couple of other little things. This is such fun :o). All I know about mine is that she's from Norway - no clues other than that yet - I can't wait to find out who she is though.
Speaking of swaps ... I'm also in the polka dot and rick rack swap so I've been sorting out my polka dot fabrics for that. I've made a couple of things and I've got another couple in mind - I've still got a few weeks before I have to post that one and it's going far far away too :o).
That's all for now ... enjoy this gorgeous Spring weather ...
Take care,
Joy :o)

Friday, October 3, 2008

Kitchen Done!!! :o)

Doesn't it look pretty!!! My new kitchen is done (all but the floors!!). The only casualty being a few tiles that bit the dust as the bench was being put in ... no biggy ... now we buy new tiles :o). I have pork chops in the oven cooking away as I type this. The oven is superb!! You can actually see through the window ... imagine that (tee hee)!!! The cooktop is all clean and shiny and new too .... oooh I'm like a kid with a new toy!! Want to bake a cake ... and biccies ... and cupcakes ... and a roast ..... and......!!! Hold me back LOL!!
Don't panic, I really don't think this fascination with my kitchen is going to be long lasting. Not that I don't like to cook ... I do, but just not that often. I have to be in the mood ...... I get an urge every now and then to bake a cake, or to create some pretty cupcakes - but it soon passes LOL.
DH is still painting. The laundry got some much needed TLC again today. The old tubs have had a coat of paint and the doors are looking like new. Even my sewing room door got painted today too!
I did manage to get some stitching done today too :o). I've finished 4 out of 5 appliqued blocks for my new cot quilt pattern - then just the pieced blocks to make. I'm loving the colours ... piccies coming soon :o).
Gotta get back in my kitchen .......... :o)
Take care ...
Joy :o)