Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I'm Back!!

I had no idea how much I relied on the internet until it was (all but...) taken away!!! It's amazing how many times a day I would want to check something (mostly the weather) or find some info ... I really was lost without it, and I'm surprised by that cos I didn't realise how much I use it. Funny (scary) isn't it!!? Anyway, it's back now and I'm hugely relieved :o), everything's back to normal (well, as normal as it gets around here lol).

Well in case you're wondering what on earth I found to do with myself while 'net-less ;o) ... here's what I did!!!
I made 27 of them, one for each of the lovely ladies in my quilt group for Christmas - all from my scraps :o). It was our breakup on Monday and we had a lovely lunch.

Yesterday DD2 had a friend over and they made the house all festive and Christmassy ........ about time I hear some of you say lol.How gorgeous are they??!!
There are lots of handmade bits and pieces all over the house, I'll show you a few....I made this stained glass window last year and I have another piece of fabric to make another one but I haven't gotten around to it yet ....... sound familiar LOL????These I made when the kids were quite little, in my cross-stitching days - they are red velvet. Gosh, I haven't done any cross-stitch for years.Here's a cute way to display your Chrissy cards ..... each of the ribbons hanging down is about 1.5m and there's a big ceramic star button at the bottom of each ribbon to weigh it down a bit. I made this a few years ago and I love it :o).Awwwww, pretty :o)!! Although I daresay there will be more added to it over the next couple of weeks :o). Don't you love the pressies under the tree .....??? They're 'wrapped' in UK postal envelopes ... tee hee. DD1 sent them over from London and some aren't wrapped inside so I've been instructed to not open them until Christmas ........ it's driving DD2 insane LOL.

Talk soon ....


Joy :o)


Unknown said...

My house is still a wreck from the bathroom remodel that's still not done, but your post has got me anxious to soon as I clear out the dust!!!

Cute girls BTW!

julia said...

Hi Joy,
welcome back ;o)!
Wow, you were more than productive...I love those baskets & I made some of them, too...well, not as many as you did - but I think the three weren't my last ;o)
Cheers, Julia

Sherri said...

I love your new banner...and 27, you were busy! They look terrific!

Jeanette said...

Hi Joy, i know what you mean about how much a person uses the computer & then can't. You sure were busy making 27 bags. Your decorations look great.

wonderwoman said...

wow Joy it all looks amazing and i love your stained glass window, its gorgeous.